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RDS TALKS 3.2 - Value of Relationships In Business with Jesse Stolow of

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For episode two of RDS Talks 3.2, CEO Gustavo Hermida sits down again with Jesse Stolow of Total Window. This time, the two business leaders discussed the value of relationships in the business world. 

Tune in with the videocast but do not forget to browse on the previous shows that could still be accessed in their Youtube account. Give a follow and learn the basics of business through the vision of the RDS Team. 

It starts with time. It starts with recognizing an investment of time. I take in bits of pieces from all these different learning experiences and it’s very true, one of our networking groups that we’re affiliated with, people don’t do business with you unless they trust you. But you have to work backwards from that so you’re not gonna get to the trust stage unless somebody likes you or relates to you in some way and you’re not gonna get to the liking stage unless somebody knows you,” Jesse told during the videocast. 

For Jesse, the foundation of relationships in the business is trust. “ Trust is something, in any relationship, particularly in a business relationship, that is, it doesn’t come automatically,” he said. He also added that trust needs to be earned. 

Besides trust, one key to valuing relationships is also recognizing that you are human. Humans make mistakes, it is normal. “...recognizing you’re a human being goes along way in building that trust.” 

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