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RDS TALKS 4.1 - Anthony Acevedo of on Why He Loves RDS Flexible Printer Rental

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As a new show unfolded, RDS Team’s CEO Gustavo Hermida guests Anthony Acevedo, founder of Visiting Angels. In this pilot episode, Anthony talks about the reasons why he loves the flexible options and plans of the RDS Team. 

Previous episodes and shows could be watched through RDS Team’s Youtube account. Tune in and learn intellectual tips in the business industry specifically on the printing side. 

Before partnering with each other, Gustavo and Anthony were good friends. They were part of the same circle of the same foundation called CHI Foundation where Anthony currently volunteers. But as the leasing period of Anthony’s current printer provider is nearing its end, he immediately contacted Gustavo and discussed plans to avail his services. 

Visiting Angels is a home care service provider for adults and senior citizens. It is a franchise company that Anthony bought and started with his wife and at the same time co-owner back in 2005. For over 15 years, they have been doing this business and it has been growing. Therefore, the need for printing solutions is a must. 

Just like most big people, you kind get lost in a shuffle with larger vendors. So one of the things I’m always good on is leaning on the expertise of people who know their stuff,” Anthony said during the videocast. 

Before RDS Team, they were partnered with a certain printing solutions provider. But Anthony did not like the terms and how it was not as flexible as what RDS Team offered. So he had to change. What Anthony liked about the plan is its great quality, flexibility, customer service, and relationship. 

Supporting you as a small businessman was much more important because I have a relationship with you. The other folks were nice but it fall to the craps,” Anthony added. Also, he mentioned that his wife is happy with their current plan. 

 “We focus on the relationship and growing with you. If we can do a good job, not only can we grow with your business, but also that you will not hesitate to recommend us to others small business,” Gustavo said as he closed the videocast. 

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